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Noda Horo White Tray


Noda Horo has been producing enamel products for over 70 years. Their simple stylish designs and exacting production standards have made their products standard items in the kitchens of many food professionals in Japan.
namelware is long lasting, doesn't produce environmental toxins, and keeps food fresh and germ free, making it ideal for storage. Pans and casseroles also benefit from the excellent heat efficiency of enamelware.

Do you like to put your cut ingredients into trays when you are cooking?Then serving your finest dishes in these trays will look like a fine restaurant dish in Hong Kong or Collingwood.
They come in various sizes that complement different ingredients and menus. Bon appetit!

Extra Small 15.5x12.5cm
Small 20.5x16cm
Medium 24.2x19.6cm
Large 26.6x21.2cm
Extra Large 29.6x23.5cm
Extra Extra Large 32.7 x 24.5cm