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Set - Master of Japanese knives


Select your favourite CIBI hamper, Japanese design and CIBI yumminess, the perfect combination to share with family and friends this Christmas.

If you have these 3 knives at home, it will complete all the Japanese cooking experience. Nakiri-hocho for everyday use, Deba-bocho for filleting your fish, and Yanagiba-bocho for slicing your sashimi. Having 3 steps whetstones are also your essential tools to have to maintain your Japanese knives. Enjoy the ultimate experience with these master knives set!


Best friends in the kitchen, a CIBI outlook of traditional Japanese Deba and Yanagiba Knives.

The Deba provides strength, portioning and filleting fish with ease, cutting through bone.  The Yanagiba is beauty and precision, to ensure delicate thin slices of raw fish.  Both knives exhibit key features unique to traditional Japanese knives, single bevelled blades and bevelled wooden handles.  An everyday simple pleasure, performing tasks in the kitchen handling Japanese knives, a lifetime of joy!!

Made in Japan, centuries of tradition and craftsmanship funnelled into the making of CIBI’s favourite knives. Nakiri (vegetable knives) celebrated in kitchens throughout Japan.

Experience the beauty and everyday pleasure handling Japanese knives in your home kitchen this season, preparing beloved dishes to share with family and friends.

The only way to sharpen your Japanese Knife. Experience the satisfaction and joy in the personal maintenance and care of your Japanese Knives.

Togi Stone is a set of three Whetstones used to sharpen Japanese Knives. The word ‘whet’ translates ‘to sharpen’ and the stone constitutes a compressed ceramic block. The stones are divided across three categories rough 100-250 grit, medium 800-1000 grit and fine 5000-6000 grit finishing stone. The concept of different grades or levels of coarseness is analogous to a carpenter having different grades of sandpaper at their disposal.


This hamper includes:

- Nakiri knife

- Deba knife

- Yanagiba knife

- Whetstone 3pcs