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Allex Scissors 120mm Paper Knife and Letter Opener


Allex Scissors Japan
It probably comes as no surprise that Japan is home to beautifully made scissors.
Allex Japan make high quality, high precision scissors for beauty, medical and surgical applications, along with these beautiful craft scissors in varying sizes.
They won the Good Design Award in 1975, the first year of manufacture and Zenta's pair has been going strong for 30 years.
Also, for southpaws we have the beautiful green handle versions for lefty ease.

What you see before you is a letter opener. Before email we sent letters and they came in envelopes. That's what that icon is on your computer, an envelope, and it represents mail. Anyway, letter openers, when you receive mail, the nice way to access your letter is to slide your letter opener in at the end and quickly slice through, thus revealing your correspondence and revelling in the class and manner in which you've accessed your water bill.