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Suri bowl (S) Motoshige Mortar&Pestle


We love this Japanese mortar & pestle, suri-bachi & suri-kogi.

- Suri bowl makes cooking fun and easy.

Hand worked jagged grooves inside. With the sharpe handworked jagged grooves inside, suri bowl grinds ingredients into a fine paste or powder.

- Redesigned for easy gridning

Suri bowl's wide bottom with non-slip silicon rubber makes it stable while grinding Its steep sides can keep ingredients in the center and prevent them from spreading out.

Size: S Mortar  120x110x65mm/approx 335g Pestle 180mm 35g, M  Mortar 155x145x85mm approx 610g Pestle 240mm 55g, L Mortar 185x185x100mm approx 1000g Pestle 300mm 85g