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Fuji Knife - folding knife & bottle opener


Beauty and functionality makes CIBI smile every time.

The Fuji Knife is a multipurpose double bevel* foldable knife. When closed a drawing of Mt. Fuji viewed from the famous Miho Peninsula is visible. CIB loves to take on camping trips, the bottle opener at the end of the knife is very handy. The brass handle will developed a patina over time, a measurement of the love and enjoyment of the knife in your possession. A beautiful gift to share with family and friends.

* Double bevel knives are suitable for both left and right handed cooks. They are akin to a western style knife in that the blade is sharpened on both sides.

Specifications : Size/ weight  W111×H9×D24mm / 50g,  Blade length 8cm, double bevel, blade material white carbon steel and soft iron, handle brass



MUJUN is a collection of young designers from Kobe Japan, celebrating traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The Japanese Knives are made in Miki City in Hyogo Prefecture, a region of Japan with the longest history of forging in Japan.