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Weekend - PICKUP - Homely Miso soup pack


Meg's grand-ma's homely miso soup making pack

As you probably have a bit more time at home these days, it may be a great idea to try something different, or something you never done at home.

My 97 year old grand-ma, Masae will be super excited and will be very happy if you try her homely style healthy miso soup recipe for your home.

I have put all the ingredients together as a pack. All you need to do is follow the recipe!

We have been serving this soup since we open CIBI in 2008 for more than a decade to people in Melbourne.

Now its time for you to take over her recipe to cook at home and hope it becomes part of your cooking, and my grandma and CIBI will feel privileged.  

Our miso soup is wholesome, I always describe as our version of minestrone, not drinking soup, more like eating soup. Lots of ingredients and nutritious.

We hope you enjoy tasting a very home style of our miso soup. Feel CIBI & Japan in you.

Happy cooking!


The pack includes:

Masae Grand-ma's homely style miso soup recipe

CIBI Dashi pack

Red miso paste

Silken Tofu

Dried wakame seaweed

Root vegetables - daikon, onion, potato, carrot

Spring onion as garnish