A Tenugui Spring
Tenugui Exhibition
7 September - 7 November

CIBI way to welcome SPRING.  
Exhibiting 100 tenugui cloth, traditionally hand dyed by Kamawanu in Tokyo, Japan. A visual joy of colour, pattern and Japanese textile tradition.
Look up and smile!

An EVERYDAY tool, from traditional times to today.
Versatile and practical, a tool for your everyday. Tenugui do not have a singular purpose; think of them as a partner in your day. Enjoy as a hand towel, personal ware, interior design, business card, wrapping, kitchen tool and beyond. Reusable tenugui is a gift from Japan’s cultural past aligned with today’s values. A much loved life cycle of re-purpose as your tenugui softens and dyes naturally fade through repeated use and subsequent washing.

CRAFT preserving the handmade
Tenugui is a standard length of cotton cloth, whose approximate measurements of 30 cm in width and 90 cm in length, take cues from the human body, the distance from your elbow to the end of one’s hand. The side length displays a selvedge edge while the shorter ends remain unfinished, a product of their production as the tenugui is cut from a large roll of cotton. Traditional hand dyed techniques are used to create both traditional and contemporary patterns and colours.  
Take a closer look in the Kamawanu workshop
 -Making of a Kamawanu Tenugui-