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Weekdays Lunch

LUNCH <11:00-15:00>

CIBI Plate 24
Daily changing cooked salmon or vegetarian dish with veg, egg, cooked salad, pickles, and rice.
All the goodness of CIBI food philosophy.


CIBI Veg curry 18.50
Home style Japanese curry (mild) with chickpeas & vegetables, served with CIBI rice blend *veg


CIBI Chicken soboro 20
Free-range chicken mince cooked with miso & ginger, soy egg, greens & edamame, mizuna salad served
with CIBI rice blend *gf


Soba salad 18.5
Soba noodle, avocado, cherry tomato, lightly pan-fried Japanese bean curd,
spring onion & green salad *vegan


Meg’s Grandma’s Miso Soup 6

KID’S PLATE 15 *up to 10 y/o and under, all day
-Rice & miso soup
-Mini Chicken Soboro Bowl
-Toast with
Choose 1 from avobe
+mini orange juice with any meal