TOKYO WEEKS!! May 26-June 19
*10% Weekend surcharge applies,
15% for Public holiday.



Based on Meg's grandmother’s ‘Asa Gohan’ breakfast *gf

Traditional  25

Grilled sliced salmon fillet, free range ‘Tamagoyaki’ egg omelette, seasonal vegetables* ae-mono, potato salad, CIBI rice blend, heartful miso soup.

More vegetable  25

Seasonal cooked vegetables, free range ‘Tamagoyaki’ egg omelette, seasonal vegetables ae-mono, potato salad, CIBI rice blend, heartful miso soup.

Ultimate  30

With your choice of Traditional or More vegetable plate (above), WITH Natto (fermented soy beans), umeboshi (sour plum), nori (dried seaweed), seasonal pickled vegetables.


Mum’s scramble eggs *veg  18.5

Two free-range eggs, cherry tomato, spring onion, tamari, mizuna,on your choice of seeded sourdough or CIBI rice blend (*gf) with choice of

+ Avocado  5
+ Sautéed mushrooms  5.5
+ Spinach ginger sesame  5
+Feta  5
+Heirloom tomato & chilli koji  6
+Koji sausage  7.5

Miso Baked Egg  20 +extra egg  3

Free-range egg, house made sweet miso, roasted eggplant, butternut, provolone cheese, toast *veg

Avocado Toast  16.5

Avocado, parsley, red peppercorns, seeded sourdough *vegan

Soba salad 18.5

Soba noodle, avocado, cherry tomato, lightly pan-fried Japanese bean curd,
spring onion & green salad *vegan

Meg's Grandma's Miso Soup 6

This is my grandma's recipe, full of vegetables and it's like eating minestrone.
It's wholesome and tasty .



-Rice & miso soup
-Mini Chicken Soboro Bowl
-Toast with Jam
+mini Apple juice with any meal
*up to 10 y/o and under


Weekdays Breakfast (8:00-11:30)
Weekdays Lunch (11:30-15:00) 
May 26 - June 19, creates a space for our community to enjoy and bring forward the joys of connection, the joys of new experience from Tokyo to Melbourne.