TOKYO WEEKS!! May 26-June 19

CIBI is a distributor of the following artisan brands from Japan in Australia. We have a long friendship & relationship with these beautiful artisan manufacturers since we opened the door in 2008 and we are very proud to represent their brand to Australia.


- Hakusan Porcelain

- Sori Yanagi Design

- Shotoku Glass 

- Kamawanu Tenugui

- Lemnos

- Kobo Aizawa

- Igamono, Nagatanien

- Noda Horo

- Kamenoko Tawashi

- Isono Paperballoon


If you have any wholesale enquires, please send us an email at

May 26 - June 19, creates a space for our community to enjoy and bring forward the joys of connection, the joys of new experience from Tokyo to Melbourne.