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Sato Beni Shoten - Fukiya's Red Tengu Yuzu Kosho (Yuzu Pepper)

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Sato’s Fukiya's Red Tengu Yuzu kosho vinegar : Hot & Spicy vinegar

A tiny bit to bring a lot of flavour to your dish.

Small production from Meg’s (CIBI's co-founder) hometown, in Okayama. Sato-san is the farmer & yuzu kosho maker, he grows yuzu and chilli in his farm and makes his own red yuzu pepper. Limited numbers of productions are made each year. CIBI is really happy to share a Japan "local" product to our Melbourne locals! You can smell the fresh yuzu as soon as the lid is open.

We love the packaging too. Designed by the graphic design team Cochae based in Japan.

Use like Tobasco sauce or chilli oil to add a umami and a bit of kick to your meal.


Size: 48g

Ingredients: Yuzu juice (Okayama Prefecture), red pepper, salt

Made in: Fukiya, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Packaging design by: Cochae (Yosuke Jikuhar, Miki Takeda & Saya Kanno)


Sato Beni Shoten

In 2015, Sato discovered yuzu kosho (a paste made from yuzu, chilli pepper and salt). The gorgeous scent of yuzu and the stimulation of chilli peppers shocked his tastebuds and forever changed his life. Sato cultivates quality red chilli peppers and ripe yuzu that have been carefully grown and processes by hand as much as possible. Sato Beni Shoten delivers hot and spicy emotions and joy through spicy seasonings and strives to make yuzu kosho that can create the same impact he experienced.