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Family time in the bath


We are excited to introduce a new addition to our collections for kids, called Family time in the bath. These wooden toys are designed to be used while you have a bath (like Japanese people always do). These cute sea animals come in a nice wood box with wood net which you can catch the animals with.

Why don't you enjoy having a (cold) bath with your kids in summer and play fisherman, building blocks, or puzzles. They are made from Japanese cypress, so they provide an aromatherapy effect as well.

These toys are made in the small town of Aki, in Kochi on Shikoku Island. 84% of Kochi is covered by forest, and these toys are made from recycled stumps and thinning offcuts.

Includes 11 sea animals, 1 fishing net comes in a wooden box

Size: W220mm x H50mm x D150mm