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Mochi-tsuki - Winter Warmer (Saturday 20 July 2024) - SOLD OUT

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Pounding, shaping and tasting.

Join CIBI & The Fermentary for the most fun winter food event ever, Mochi-tsuki!
Mochi is a yummy soft sticky dough (sticky rice cake) made from glutinous rice. Mochigome (mochi rice) soaked overnight is steamed and then placed into a giant mortar called a Usu commonly made from wood upon which a wooden mallet called a Kine is used in place of a pestle to transform the rice grains into a smooth and shiny dough. It is a joyous act of theatre to create a delicious sweet. The perfect event for kids and adults to join forces in winter celebration!

Sharon Flynn (The Fermentary)
Sometimes paths cross in terms of food passions before a meeting takes place.
Sharon Flynn is a CIBI friend and the founder and owner of The Fermentary. In her early 20s, while living in Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan, Sharon fostered friendships with a local community of ladies who “taught me not just how to garden but how to preserve a harvest”.
The author of Ferment for Good, “if you are into fermenting, I wrote this for you” and the recent book Wild Drinks, Sharon's passion for fermentation as a path to delicious tasty food and the rewards of preserving the harvest is inspiring. Sharon's products are absolute favourites in the CIBI grocer, The Fermentary sauerkraut, kimchi and yummy mustards with horseradish or brown butter miso. The Fermentary grocery items and The Fementary books are available at the CIBI in-store and online.

Meg Tanaka (CIBI)
Growing up in the countryside of Okayama Prefecture in Japan, CIBI's co-founder, Meg Tanaka, lived the experience of homegrown seasonal produce providing nourishment and goodness to the family home and community across the seasons.

To gather under the umbrella of our Mochitsuki event at CIBI in the heart of a Melbourne winter feels perfect. Food, friends and the community enjoy the simple delights that harvest provides. A warm CIBI welcome to Sharon Flynn, now let us enjoy MOCHI time!

Ticket includes:
- How to mochi-tsuki using 'kine' and 'usu'
- How to fold mochi
- Tasting mochi and enjoying The Fermentary amazake (sweet drink made from fermented rice)

The event will be held on Saturday, 20 July 2024 at CIBI (33-39 Keele St, Collingwood VIC)

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