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PICKUP 3rd October SATURDAY - CIBI Grocery box


We have put together "CIBI grocery box" for fun cooking entertainment at home - mix of fresh vegetables with our original sauces and your weekend essentials, and with some of the weekly changing CIBI recipes included. It’s a fantastic box to enjoy cooking some of CIBI food with beautiful produce at home during this lockdown.

Let’s enjoy what we can at home and send out some photos afterwards #cibiathome

*Order cut-off time by 2PM Friday 2nd October



Below is the sample menu;



Menu to cook from CIBI's Grocery Box this Saturday is:

Pan-fried salmon with grated daikon & Yuzu ponzu

Steamed greens with CIBI's yuzu miso

Shungiku salad with Silken tofu & soy vinaigrette

Served with Japanese "Hitomebore" rice


Our grocery box this Saturday pick-up includes:

Assorted Seasonal vegetables from Ramarro Farm (3 kinds)

1 x Baker Bleu Country Loaf

1 x Gippsland Pastured egg 1 doz box

1 x Sashimi grade Salmon piece for two

1 x CIBI Yuzu ponzu

1 x CIBI Soy Vinaigrette

1 x CIBI Yuzu miso

1 x Biodynamic silken tofu

1 x Japanese "Hitomebore" Rice

4 dishes of CIBI recipes on the menu above


*pick up time : between 9am to 4pm on Saturday.

*The images are only for a sample image.