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Sato Beni Shoten - Spicy Moromi Chilli Pepper

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Sato mixes green chilli peppers with Morita soy sauce koji and allowed it to ferment to make this savoury sauce with a bit of kick. A delicious side dish seasoning that combines the umami of soy sauce koji and the spiciness of green chilli peppers. Can be mixed to make sauces and dressings or simply top on your veggies or favourite starch. Use like spicy soy sauce.

Size: 110g

Ingredients: Soy sauce koji, green chilli pepper (Okayama)

Made in: Fukiya, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Packaging design by: Cochae (Yosuke Jikuhar, Miki Takeda & Saya Kanno)


Sato Beni Shoten

In 2015, Sato discovered yuzu kosho (a paste made from yuzu, chilli pepper and salt). The gorgeous scent of yuzu and the stimulation of chilli peppers shocked his tastebuds and forever changed his life. Sato cultivates quality red chilli peppers and ripe yuzu that have been carefully grown and processes by hand as much as possible. Sato Beni Shoten delivers hot and spicy emotions and joy through spicy seasonings and strives to make yuzu kosho that can create the same impact he experienced.