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SS Slim pot 0.7L


The Slim pot was designed by Koumin Yamada, a world-renown product designer, and originally manufactured as enamel pots by Noda Horo (which we also have in stock).

In 1980, he designed the stainless steel Slim Pot as a version of the enamel pot striped down to its core functionality.

What’s great about the Slim Pot: 

The Spout: The design of the slim spout makes for perfect pouring. For drip coffee you can pour a long, thin stream of hot water with fine control over how much you pour, direction and timing.

The lid: It fits firmly onto the pot so there is little possibility of it falling off while pouring.

The handle: Made from 2 thin stainless steel plates, the handle doesn’t attach directly to the body of the pot, so it is never gets too hot to hold.

With the Slim Pot you can focus on making great coffee. Handcrafted in a series of step-by-step processes in Tsubame, Niigata, it is a must-have tool for coffee lovers.

It is available in a beautiful shiny mirror finish, or a smooth matte bead blast finish.


Available stocks: Mirror or bead blast 0.7L