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Workshop - CIBI Grand-ma's Tofu Making Class


So pleased to annouce our next CIBI Cooking Class - Tofu Making based on Meg's Grand-ma's recipe

Come & join us for this special occasion. We would love to share Meg's grand-ma's(she is 96 years old now!) recipe with you - how to make home-made tofu.

Using local biodynamic soy beans with Japanese Nigari, hands on experience making tofu. There are steps of making freshest Oboro-dofu to enjoy & eat, and make firm tofu to take home to enjoy, then we will demonstrate and you can taste Okara as well. No wastage throughout of the process of making tofu.

We can't wait to share this moment with you.

Date & Time : 14:30 - 16:30 Sat 2nd November 2019

Includes - Oboro-dofu (Freshest tofu), Okara-pancake to make & eat, Firm tofu to make and take home.