Everyday Dads!! Father’s Day with CIBI!!

Everyday Dads!! Father’s Day with CIBI!! - CIBI

For Design loving Dads, Home cooking Dads, Home comfort Dads, CIBI loving Dads, and CIBI delicious Dads!!

One of our favourite Akari lamp has arrived!! Just in time!!


Father's day gift, CIBI


Pre-order for Father's Day weekend CIBI Ramen Packs!!

For your Father's Day weekend, enjoy delicious homely style CIBIRamen pack with your dad! Fresh portioned ingredients prepped in the CIBI kitchen and an easy CIBI recipe to guide. Make your own dashi, create your broth and become the ramen master of the house this month.  Not only delicious, it's so much fun making!! 

Available for pickup on 3-4 September




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