CIBI's Traditional Japanese Breakfast

Every weekend since we opened CIBI in 2008, we have served a Japanese breakfast. This breakfast is the embodiment of our philosophy - nourishing homely food that we simply want to enjoy eating and that's good for our bodies.

The typical Japanese breakfast consists of many different ingredients, including seasonal ones, together with a balanced amount of seasoning and flavour. They are thoughtfully prepared to nourish the body and feed the soul with the right balance of ingredients and nutritional goodness. Traditionally, someone in the extended family - it tends to be the mother, grandmother or even great-grandmother - would prepare breakfast for the whole family. Often there are vegetables, salads, fish, tsukemono (pickled seasonal vegetables), as well as rice and miso soup. We may eat ten or more ingredients during the meal with rice and miso soup as complementary dishes.

At CIBI, there is no focus on a particular ingredient seasoning or diet. Instead, the focus is on preparing a nutritious and delicious meal. In the same way, there is no set order to eat a Japanese breakfast. Just dip in and eat it in whatever combination of dishes and flavours you like! Try it and you will really experience the goodness at the heart of Japanese food culture. Eat your Japanese breakfast with Japanese tea, which will give you the complete Japanese breakfast experience.

Traditional Japanese preserved foods such as nori (dried seaweed sheets), umeboshi (sour plum), natto (Fermented soybeans), and tsukemono are good accompaniments for the rice in this breakfast.

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Traditional Japanese Breakfast

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