- don’t waste even a single grain of rice.


CIBI was created to make people happy through intentional everyday interactions and objects.
We have built our business with Mottai-Nai front of mind: we offer timeless objects, not trends; our meals are balanced and portioned to leave you sated, not stuffed; we reuse everything we possibly can. We regularly question the environmental and social impact of what we do and we’re constantly seeking to improve our practices, because we want to be sharing joy with our community for many years to come.
We are committed to reducing our waste. We actively work with suppliers and customers to eliminate packaging waste. We recycle all organic waste - some go to our worm farms, spent coffee grounds are offered to our community, and we partner with Waste Ninja and Cirque du Soil to manage what we can’t.
We are committed to improving our environmental and social impact through audits of our supply chains to ensure ethical practices and by improving our internal people practices. We seek to give back to our community.
We are committed to reducing our energy use by electrifying and installing solar, offering carbon-neutral shipping, and sea-freighting our stock from Japan.
We recognise that perfection is the enemy of greatness and that our efforts are a work in progress. We’re continuing to develop our Sustainability Strategy and the metrics required to measure our successes (and failures). We will continue to invest our energy to learn new and better ways to be kind to our planet and our people.



Milk without waste

We source our dairy from Schulz Organic Dairy, which produces certified organic milk from a single herd of much-loved cows. It also happens to be the most delicious milk we can find. We have replaced single-use plastic bottles with The Udder Way’s brilliantly simple keg system, plus glass bottles to pick up, enjoy and return at CIBI grocery every day. A little change with a big impact!


Circular solutions

Simple actions to make tomorrow better. Our spent coffee grounds are processed locally by Cirque du Soil into fertiliser gold! Collected, processed and distributed food growing initiatives within the City of Yarra. Waste Ninja collects our kitchen organic waste for composting and waste-to-energy.
CIBI is super proud to be part of the move towards a circular economy! 


Veggie heroes

Melbourne’s produce stars - Ramarro Farm! Located at The Patch, nestled in the Yarra Ranges. Sustainably grown, amazingly fresh hand-picked vegetables at CIBI Marche, first Friday and Saturday of every month. Mark the diary and enjoy the best weekend of home cooking joy!