CIBI Design Month
Everyday Living Japan 1950's & Today

23 May - 23 June
Open everyday 8am - 6pm⁠


 We are excited to share CIBI Design Month, “Everyday Living Japan 1950’s & Today”, an exhibition showcasing furniture design and manufacturing from 50s to 60s, Japan. Curated in partnership with our friends Tendo Mokko from Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.

This exhibition is a part of
NGV Melbourne Design Week (23 May - 2 June) 

Focusing on a period of creative burst, designers and the manufacturer Tendo Mokko, formed a relationship of equal collaboration in the development of moulded plywood furniture. Aspiring to and fulfilling an outcome of what Isamu Kenmochi recognises as  ‘good design already includes good quality, so it is unified’.  The furniture was designed with heart and craftsmanship to serve practical purposes, to carry joy in everyday life and importantly be passed on from generation to generation, as a purposeful act of sustainability that continues to this day. ⁠⁠An act that captures our CIBI heart, to value and share this partnership of design and craftsmanship as a pathway in a world of finite resources, with a joyful smile.⁠

⁠Designers and Craftspeople⁠

Sori Yanagi, Isamu Noguchi, Riki Watanabe, Reiko Tanabe, Isamu Kenmochi, Saburo Inui, Daisaku Cho, Yamanaka Design Office, Riki Watanabe, Reiko Tanabe & Tendo Mokko⁠




- CIBI Design Month Special Event -
Conversations with Naoko Motohashi (Tendo Mokko) and Zenta Tanaka (CIBI)

Thursday, 30 May at CIBI Design Store
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us in welcoming Tendo Mokko to Melbourne Design Week. A friend and partner in CIBI's curated exhibition,
Everyday Living Japan 1950's & Today.

Entry by booking only.
Limited spots available, entry includes a welcome drink.




CIBI Marché June
"Goma-ae" How to mortar and pestle the Japanese way.

Saturday 1 June
10am - 1pm

Learn how to use Japanese mortar and pestle to make each meal more delicious.
"Goma-ae" is a Japanese side dish made with sesame (goma) ground in a suribachi (Japanese mortar and pestle) and mixed with vegetables, most commonly spinach.

CIBI Marché

CIBI Marché is a monthly event where we showcase Japanese products, techniques, or ingredients to help you make every meal tastier.





CIBI Miso Making Workshop (Sold out!)

Our most popular workshop is back!
Join us for a special workshop as we walk you through making Japanese miso. Learn about the history, varieties and process of miso making followed by tasting different miso varieties. A unique opportunity to practice a centuries-old tradition in the intimate setting of a small group.

 Sunday, 16 June (Sold out)
9:30am - 11am

Sunday, 16 June  (Sold out)
2:00pm - 3:30pm
More dates will be announced soon.

 Knife Sharpening Service

Caring for the tools we enjoy every day. CIBI professional knife sharpening service returns a lost edge to your much-loved kitchen knives. All knives, including Western, bread, and Japanese-style knives, are catered for. limited to 50 knives each sharpening day so pre-book to ensure you get a spot.
Dates TBA