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So exciting! Some of everyone's favourites & new items just have arrived from Japan.  Find out more from here.

Pre-order CIBI Grocery Items and Bento for pick up every day at CIBI!!
*Pre-orders grocery pack closed by 4pm the day before. 

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    Founder, Meg and Zenta Created CIBI as an expression of their way of living, CIBI is a concept that is a blend of their experience in food, wine, design and architecture. Japanese sensibilities and their evolving Australian lifestyles are combined to create a world that is warm and welcoming at the same it is exciting and refreshing. Above all else it should appeal to the three driving elements that drive drive CIBI; the head, hands and heart.

    Based on the 3 key Japanese life elements (衣食住 I-shouku-ju) required for enjoying your personal environment and bringing happiness to daily life.