Winter comfort and our hearts turn to miso making!!

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Winter comfort

Home made miso!! Part of our everyday in the CIBI kitchen.

Winter comfort and our hearts turn to miso making. The cooler months allow the miso time to rest before the warm months approach and the fermentation kicks into gear. The CIBI Miso Making Kit include portioned ingredients of soy beans, Japanese salt and kome koji. A Noda Horo 2 litre stacker (your miso’s home!!) a CIBI marché bag and miso making recipe a CIBI invitation into the joys of fermentation and home made miso!!
japanese Artisan


Established in 1832, Nagatani-en, follows a rich tradition of manufacturing Iga-yaki dating back 1300 years. Craftsmanship, knowledge passed through generations of hands to enjoy today.

Igamono Steam pot Donabe

Donabe ceramic pot invites ingredients are friend to share the happiness of home cooking.

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Igamono Donabe Rice Cooker

Delicate care of a simple grain. Ceramic donabe rice cooker, everyday and close to our heart.

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Enjoy CIBI time with us.

No booking required, please walk in. Hope you are well, see you soon at CIBI!

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A CIB invitation to Meet the Maker!!

Meet the maker

Our CIBI friends Shotoku Glass and Kamawanu have welcomed us into their Tokyo studios and we want you to come along.

Kamawanu Tenugui

Kazuhiro Kato, Kamawanu Creative Director sits down with Zenta to discuss the creative process, manufacturing, collaboration and joy sharing beyond Japanese shores, with Melbourne community.

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Shotoku Glass

Creative Director Yoshifumi Saito and Zenta discussed the creative process, collaboration and the desire to create and share glassware for our CIBI Melbourne community.

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Miso making at home!!
Winter comfort and our hearts turn to miso making. Enjoy making your own miso at home with your friends & family!!