Spring & Summer entertaining at our table in our home!!

Spring & Summer entertaining at our table in our home!! - CIBI
Shotoku Glass Katachi series.
Simple sparkling water & yuzu syrup, fav wines or mixed drinks. Beautifully crafted hand blow glassware to enjoy under sunshine!! 
CIBI Design Store, Shotoku Glass.
Shotoku glass, CIBI, glassware
Hakusan blossom sets
Crisp white porcelain beautiful hand painted tonal blues, a quiet moment for two!!
CIBI Design Store 💙 Hakusan Porcelain.
Hakusan, bloom series, CIBI
RIKI clocks
Design to live alongside, add warmth to your home and make you smile. Riki Watanabe, pioneer of Japanese design.
CIBI Design Store 💙 RIKI clocks collection!!
Riki cloc, CIBI
CIBI miso kit
The joy of making home made miso!! Gather with the kids or friends with CIBI as your guide.  
CIBI miso making kit includes ingredients and recipe for you to create miso magic at home!!
Miso kit, CIBI, Home made miso
CIBI Marché
Friday 4th - Saturday 5th November 10am - 2pm
at CIBI Grocery Store
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