Your Christmas kitchen!!

Your Christmas kitchen!! - CIBI

Exquisite Japanese kitchen tools Christmas gifts for the cooks in your life, for home and the beach house!!

Christmas with CIBI

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Copper graters, miso stainer & pestle, deba knife, nakiri knifesuri bowl, suri plate, yukihira-nabe, tenugui, CIBIdenim apron, kitchen scissors, sai-bashi, tempura pot, bento box, copper tamago-yaki pan and more!!!!

CIBI, Design store, Kitchen tool, Christmas gift

Ibushi-gin smoking pot donabe

The best of Christmas gifts, smoking pot donabe!! Home made smoked nuts fills the house with deliciousness!! Add your fav dried fruits pour your fav drop and enjoy.

Simple easy and yum!!

CIBI, Christmas, Christmas gift, Smoker
Kamado-san donabe
A lifetime companion, made by hand to deliver the yummy sweetness of our fav grain!!
Donabe, Kitchen tools, Rice cooker, Christmas, Gifts

Miyajima cherry wood utensils.

Grown in the northern regions of Hiroshima Prefecture, cherry wood timber grains will age with beauty!!

Wooden Kitchen tools, Christmas, Gift
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