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Sori Yanagi SS dinner 6P setting (K,F,S 18p)


Beautiful and practical cutlery for the next 50 years! We love using this cutlery for the joy and style it adds to the everyday pleasure of eating!
It slips easily into the hand, whether you are a kid, parent or grandparent. Holding the knife and fork feels just right without you even being aware of it. In the same way, when you actually notice the unique design it brings a smile of pleasure. Kids use them without much thought, but deep down you are planting the seed of awareness and functionality of beautiful things.

Designed by Sori Yanagi in 1974, this cutlery is a good example of the clean lines, simplicity and functionality at the heart of Sori Yanagi's design, evident in the grapefruits spoons elegantly designed specifically for this purpose. In 1974, Yanagi's cutlery won the prestigious Good Design Award in Japan. In 2001 the series won the Long Life Design Award for exceptional design and functionality. They are made in Niigata, a region famous for the craftsmanship and quality of its stainless steel products.

Dishwasher safe.

1 person setting is 1 x Dinner Spoon, 1 x Fork and 1 x Knife (3pcs)

6 person setting is 6 x Dinner Spoon, 6 x Fork and 6 x Knife (18pcs)

Size: Dinner Spoon 194mm, Fork 195mm, Knife 220mm