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G Soy Sauce Bottle Green


Designed by Masahiro Mori

1st Good Design Award Japan in 1960

Hakusan Porcelain was the birthplace of the popular Mori-designed soy sauce bottle which was awarded the first ever Good Design Award by the Japan Design Committee. At the time people were amazed that such a prestigious award was given to a product as common as a soy sauce bottle, something which everyone uses and every household has. It is also very functional, preventing dripping after the soy sauce is poured. This bottle also received the Special Prize for Long-Selling Good Design Products from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO) in 1977. As a very practical, reasonably priced product it continues to sell well today.

This is a great bottle for any sauce, vinegar or olive oil as well as soy sauce.

Colour: Green

Small 6 x 7.5cm / 80ml

Large 7 x 9.5cm / 160ml