AKAO Yukihira-nabe Aluminium Pot

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The Yukihira Nabe Pot is a lightweight hammered pot, made of aluminium with a wooden handle. Yukihira-nabe Pots can be found in almost every home kitchen in Japan.

The hammered aluminium surface conducts heat quickly and efficiently, making it perfect for noodles/pasta, soups or broth, or nimono. It will easily become one of your everyday kitchen tools.

Size / Capacity 

17 (Ø170mm, H65mm) / 1.1L

20 (Ø200mm, H75mm) / 1.8L

23 (Ø230mm, H85mm) / 2.6L

Material: Aluminium

Made in Japan

Available: Microwave:X, Dishwasher:X, Stovetop:○ Induction: X, Oven: X

*For gas stovetop use only.