Kalita - Coffee Mill KH-90 Brown

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A grinder that is both functional and decorative, the Kalita Coffee Mill is based off European coffee mills from early 1900s. The durability of iron and the natural feel of wood makes this grinder a joy to use. The wooden base ages as you use it and gets darker as it absorbs oils and creates a patina that it unique to each grinder.
The dependable cast iron conical burrs, essential for a consistent grind, is easily adjusted with the adjustment screw.

Pair it with a Kalita Wave Dripper and Wave Filters for a timeless set that transforms your morning into a delightful coffee experience.


Size: Ø7.5cm (16cm with handle) x 19.5cm

Capacity: 20-25g of coffee in grinder hopper

Weight: 570g

Materials: Body, handle knob / Wood
Burrs, crank shaft / Cast Iron
Attachment mount / Stainless Steel