CIBI guide to winter comfort!!

CIBI guide to winter comfort!! - CIBI

CIBI guide to winter comfort!! 

Donabe from Nagatani-en, established in 183, located in Iga, Mie Prefecture.
Beautifully hand crafted from a porous clay with natural absorbency and heat retention properties to bring your favourite dishes to the table.
Winter’s essential pot in the home kitchen.


Donabe, Winter food, Hot pot, Warm, Nourished


A favourite hot pot stew, celebrating winter produce.  

Donabe cooking is simple, working across stovetop to oven to table and always delicious!!

Winter, Hot pot, Winter food, Nourished food, Warm


Join us CIBI Birthday Sizzling!!

Tomorrow, 11am - 2pm Friday 8th July!!

We are very excited CIBI turns 14 tomorrow!! Join us our fun sizzling tomorrow to celebrate CIBI birthday with us.

"CIBI Birthday Sizzling"

11am - 2pm Friday 8th July at CIBI


CIBI Birthday

Happy 14th Birthday CIBI 8.7.2022 

Opening CIBI Melbourne doors in 2008 to share our everyday, a simple joy in design, food and space.  Grateful and proud to have created a home, a place to gather complete with friendships and warm smiles. 

Thank you to all our amazing customers, the wonderful suppliers of local seasonal produce, artisan Japanese designers and manufacturers and our CIBI team!! 

CIBI, Melbourne, Collingwood, Birthday


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