CIBI Marché!! Join us tomorrow 10am - 2pm at CIBI!!

CIBI Marché!! Join us tomorrow 10am - 2pm at CIBI!! - CIBI
Winter produce from Oliver & Lisa, our favourite grower, Ramarro Farm, The Patch, Victoria.
Beautiful seasonal vegetables to inspire a weekend of home cooking!!
CIBI Marché
10am - 2pm Friday 22nd July at CIBI
CIBI Marché, Ramarro Farm, Victoria, seasonal vegetables
CIBI guide to winter comfort
Artisan made Nagatanien donabe collection to cook your CIBIMarché bounty.  Hot pot, steam or grill your winter goodness!!


CIBI, Collingwood, Melbourne,Winter, Hot pot, Soup,


Miyajima kitchen tools  - Nature in hand the beauty of their smooth timber surface make a CIBI smile.  Made from Sakura (Cherry blossom) tree. Rice paddles, spatulas, turners everyday essentials.


CIBI, Collingwood, Melbourne, Wooden, Cooking tool, Made in Japan


CIBI Everyday Towel - Manufactured in Imabari, Ehime prefecture, Japan. Premium quality, soft and absorbent to be enjoyed everyday. A simple luxury.


CIBI, Collingwood, Melbourne, Towel, Everyday, Bath, Japan quality


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