TOKYO WEEKS!! May 26-June 19

CIBI School Holiday Program "CIBI for CIBI" - How we Bento

CIBI School Holiday Program "CIBI for CIBI" - How we Bento - CIBI

School holiday is just around the corner and our "CIBI for CIBI" is back again!

Please join us for the fun and yummy in my tummy workshop ’How we Bento’.

The bento has a special place in the hearts of Japan. At CIBI we will share in this tradition with a hands on workshop, exploring the nutritional value of assorted foods, tasting along the way and guiding participants in the preparation and packing of their own delicious bento to take home. Adorned with a traditional tenugui cloth these bentos are sure to be loved and treasured well beyond the workshop, not to be missed.


Date & Time:

Wed 25th September

9am - 10:15am  or 11am - 12pm

Book your spot from here.

Workshop includes:

*Onigiri-making & Food tasting *Food to pack bento to take home
*Classic Japanese metal bento box to take home *Bento wrapping cloth Japanese tenugui to take home
*Bamboo chopsticks to take home


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May 26 - June 19, creates a space for our community to enjoy and bring forward the joys of connection, the joys of new experience from Tokyo to Melbourne.