CIBI Winter Ramen Packs are back!!

CIBI Winter Ramen Packs are back!! - CIBI

Enjoy cooking homely style CIBI Ramen at home this month!!

Learn how to create delicious home style ramen with CIBI. Fresh portioned ingredients prepped in the CIBI kitchen and an easy CIBI recipe to guide. Make your own dashi, create your broth and become the ramen master of the house this month.  Not only delicious, it's so much fun making!! 

Available in August until Father's day weekend, 4th September

CIBI Winter Ramen Pack for two

Classic Pork Chashu OR Vegetarian

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CIBI Ramen Pack - Orders now open for weekend collection

Pick up from CIBI, Saturday or Sunday between 8am - 4pm

*Order cut-off time: 4pm every Friday for that weekend pick-up


Winter Comfort  - The joy of home cooking

Nagatanien, Igamono smokeless grill, beautiful crafted handmade earthenware!!  Place directly over a gas stovetop, the earthenware absorbs and evenly distributes heat to afford tender meats and succulent vegetables. Circling below the cooking plate a reservoir of water collects excess fats and oils.  Easy to use, we think this the perfect winter grill option when outside is little too chilly!!! Enjoy Japanese style Yaki-niku (bbq) on your dining table!!

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CIBI Made sauces, straight from the CIBI kitchen to enjoy at home. 
Our Miso based sauces created to add Japanese flavours to your everyday favourites. Perfect for marinating meat prior to bbq on a grill, or drizzle over salads, dip grilled winter vegetables!! Simple delicous everyday!!


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CIBI Design, CIBI style, CIBI winter!!  

We love our CIBI beanie available in two shades of blue!!

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