CIBI's selected product exhibition. Vol. 1

CIBI's selected product exhibition. Vol. 1 - CIBI



1/2/18 - 18/2/18

CIBI's selected product exhibition. Vol. 1 

Showcasing over 40 different designs by Masahiro Mori

In 2018, we will regularly hold exhibits introducing CIBI's selected products. 
As the first step, we will introduce you to Hakusan pottery that we love and use, with the title "Everyday Colors".

A vessel that vividly colors a table is one of the most important elements that makes meal time fun.

Hakusan pottery has been making wonderful pieces  since its inception in 1779 in Nagasaki prefecture Hasami Town and has been with CIBI for 10 years - since the opening of Cibi Melbourne.

The strength of Masahiro Mori's design is that it does not fade over time and the warmth of the craftsmen's hands are felt and enriches our lives when used.

In this exhibition we will select 40 designs from Hakusan's Shallow Bowl series. 
Several designs scheduled to appear are part of the company's extensive, but rarely seen archives.

During this time we will be serving dishes on Shallow Bowls with a special menu to enjoy the true feeling of Masahiro Mori's work. 

CIBI and Hakusan together is about enjoying what a craftsman intended; making life and community pleasurable every day.

If you're in Tokyo, please come and say hi.


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