How to use Smoking pot & Simple smoking dish recipes

How to use Smoking pot & Simple smoking dish recipes - CIBI

How to use smoking pot donabe


Place a piece of foil in the pot

Place 5g of Sakura chips on the foil, make a circle shape to make the middle part empty



Place another foil sheet on top of chips

*make this foil sheet with a rim so that moist & water not go into the wood chips



Place a smaller grid

And place ingredients (recommend to place thicker items as heat underneath is much higher)


Place a larger grid, and place ingredients

*The picture : underneath duck breast, top octopus



Turn the heat high

After about 4-5mins, smoke start coming out

Then put a lid on

*the picture : underneath & top : filleted ocean trout 



When smoke start coming out from the lid, pour water from the edge of the lid.

Just small amount to fill up the edge of the lid.

Wait for a few mins.



Turn the heat off. Wait for about 20mins.




Some recipes can be shared below:


Images below: Smoked ocean trout, smoked octopus, smoked duck breast 







How to look after your Donabe:

  • Donabe is always dry when you use

*if your donabe is still wet, it could cause cracking when you use.

  • Never cool down or never put cold water onto hot Donabe

Never put hot Donabe to very cold spot immediately, or never add cold water into hot Donabe as it may crack or break.

  • Not suited for deep-fry.

Please do not use donabe as deep-fryer as it may catch a fire.

  • No Induction Heater

You cannot use Donabe on IH

  • May damage your furniture

Bottom of Donabe can scratch your bench or table top. Also Donabe from cook top an be very hot and it may burn your bench or table top. Please use the pot stand.

  • Do not burn yourself

When donabe is cooking, please handle carefully. Never touch with your hand, use with oven Mitte. Never put on top of flammability items

  • “Medome” is not required to this smoking pot 

Not like other donabe pot, you do not need to do “Medome (cook porridge)” prior to use this pot.

  • Cracks on Donabe 

The cracks you may see on the surface of donabe is cracks on the grazing, not cracks in the donabe. It wont affect using Donabe at all.

  • Recommended cleaning tools

Tawashi & Fukin are the best friend of Donabe. Tawashi - turtle brush wont scratch the surface of the pot and it cleans the sticked surface well.



Some CIBI’s basic recipes to try:


Ocean trout (2days)


  1. Wipe off all the water/moisture with kitchen paper
  2. Seasoning with salt (& pepper)
  3. Wrap in kitchen paper and put them into container, keep in a fridge over night or at least few hours
  4. Dry them with kitchen paper, the ready to smoke!



Duck breast (2days) 




For 2 duck breast (1 breast is approx 200-220g)

Make salt liquid 

200ml water

200ml white wine (cooking)

50 salt

Small amount thyme

Black pepper small amount



  1. Add all ingredients into a sauce pan 
  2. Bring to boil
  3. Cool down completely
  4. Soak breasts keep in fridge for over night
  5. Take duck breast from the liquid, wipe off all the moisture.
  6. Now ready to smoke!





  1. Wash octopus well to get rid of slimy bit. Use salt to massage well (to get rid of slimy bit as well as it result octopus soft)
  2. Boil water in a large pot, bring to boil.
  3. Add octopus into a boiling water, cook about 3-5mins until octopus leg curled up. If you like softer texture octopus cook less than that.
  4. Drain well, and wait til cool down.
  5. Once its cooled down, wipe out any moisture, chop into appropriate size.
  6. Now ready to smoke!





CIBI’s suggested ingredients for smoke:

-Quail eggs

-Any kind of meat - chicken, pork, beef


-Filleted fish

-Vegetable -such as asparagus and mushroom


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