Winter comfort and our hearts turn to miso making!!



 A CIBI Summer

Outdoors, home or on the road, Shichirin Japanese bbq!! Easy to use, portable, delicious chargrill cooking and umami flavours!!!
Schirin, Hibachi, BBQ
Made in Noto Peninsula, Japan, a region celebrated for Shichirin craftsmanship. Shichirin, made of diatomaceous earth from Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is a natural material with heat retention qualities. Lightweight, portable and CIBI favourite!!
Japanese BBQ, Hibachi, Schichirin
CIBI recommends Shiro Ogatan, white charcoal fuel.  Very simple to use placing approximately 1 kg of charcoal in your round Shichirin and ignite with standard fire lighter.  Charcoal when ready to cook displays outward white colour with a warm red glow!!  Shiro Ogatan white charcoal is crafted from 100% timber sawdust and offers an odourless and smokeless heat source.  Enjoy!! 
Shiro Ogatan Charcoal


A CIBI Summer!!

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Miso making at home!!
Winter comfort and our hearts turn to miso making. Enjoy making your own miso at home with your friends & family!!