New Arrivals from Japan, CIBI Design Month, Winter Comfort Recipe

New Arrivals from Japan, CIBI Design Month, Winter Comfort Recipe - CIBI
CIBI Design Month is officially on!
CIBI Home Living and Japanese Design
We're excited to invite you to CIBI Design Month, from 18 May - 26 June in the CIBI Design Store. Featuring selected works by CIBI's heroes Masahiro Mori, Isamu Noguchi, Sori Yanagi, Riki Watanabe, Reiko Tanabe and Yamanaka Design Office. We welcome design as a partner in life the CIBI way. The objects we choose to share our space with to enrich our sense of well-being and bring little pockets of joy to our day.


New for Design Month

We are thrilled to share our new range of design pieces from Japan!

Mushroom Stool by Yamanaka Design Office

This award-winning stool, designed in 1960, won the first Tendo Mokko Furniture Competition. The designers used strips of paper to conceptualise the form which influenced the final design.

Murai Stool by Reiko Tanabe

An iconic mid-century Japanese design piece that's made with three pieces of moulded plywood of the same shape without any metal fittings. It has a beautiful grain of teak wood that meets towards the centre of the stool. It can be used as a chair, side table, or even stacked as a shelf.



New Arrivals

Nagatanien Igamono Ameyu Donabe

Nagatanien's Ameyu Donabe has a wide flat base which allows for more surface area to conduct heat. A great all-around donabe that is reminiscent of a Dutch oven or French casserole pans. Available in two sizes, these clay pots are great for various forms of cooking such as stewing to roasting and perfect for for a cosy hotpot or soups. An amazing and delicious way to warm up this winter.

Nagatanien Igamono Anhydrous Musui Donabe

A versatile clay pot with a tall profile made for pot roasting yet capable for soups or stews. The steady and even heat distribution of this Donabe is perfect when cooking your dish over a long period of time and developing its umami flavours. Unlike most donabe, this can also be heated without any liquid inside, making it ideal for dry roasting or stir-frying.



Hakusan Cutlery Rests (Wind and Legato)

These handmade cutlery rests from Hakusan are wider than standard chopstick rests to accommodate a variety of cutlery. They are a beautiful way of adding colour and texture to the table and elevating the cutlery.



Back in Stock

Hakusan Shallow Bowls

Hakusan's hirachawan series, also known as shallow rice bowls were first released in 1992 and designed by the celebrated ceramics designer Masahiro Mori. They are a joy to look at and are perfect bowls for more than just rice. We have a limited amount of these beautiful hand-made bowls in various designs. See the collection and experience your very own shallow bowl exhibition.


Winter Comfort

Celebrating seasonal change inside with the spoils of winter produce and our favourite selection of cookware. Our CIBI wish for you is to be inspired, to gather with loved ones and create little moments of joy in your days. Welcoming winter with the warmth of delicious food and good company!

Late Autumn Takikomi Gohan

Try out this comforting seasoned rice dish, made easily all in one pot. Simple and fragrant, it's also a great way to warm up this winter season. 


Food For Everyone
CIBI's Miso Soup by Meg Tanaka's Grandma & Carla McRae

We have been working with Food For Everyone for their new series - The Artist Collection No.2. CIBI's delicious Grandma’s Miso Soup was interpreted by artist Carla McRae. This is a special recipe that has been on the menu at CIBI ever since we opened! We love Carla’s colourful rendition of a recipe that means so much to us. It is everything that CIBI represents, curiosity and playfulness with a natural sense of delight. Grandma would be so proud!

For each poster purchased, Food For Everyone donates the equivalent of 10 meals through Second Bite to help feed
people in need.


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