Takumi Egg Omelette Pan

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Tamagoyaki Pan 

Create your own traditional Japanese breakfast home with the easy to use Tamagoyaki / Egg omelette pan. A beautiful round profile timber handle provides comfort and control. By seasoning your pans it will become non-stick and hardy for a lifetime's worth of use.
Manufactured from Magma Plate Iron, a technology that produces an irregular surface of concave and convex patterning on both sides of the pan to enable a quick heat conduction and even distribution of heat. Making TAKUMI Pans a much loved everyday kitchen essential.




L15cm x W9.8cm x H3cm (pan size)

L32.5cm x W9.8cm x H58 cm (with handle)

Weight 450g




L19cm x W14.7cm x H3.5cm (pan size)

L36.2cm x W14.7cm x H6.4cm (with handle)

Weight 700g


Materials: Magma Plate Iron / Natural timber handle

Available: Microwave: Dishwasher: X , Stovetop: ○ Induction:  Oven: X


Manufactured in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan from the finest iron.  TAKUMI continues the tradition of metal production in the region, dating back approximately 300 years to remain the centre of cookware manufacturing in Japan.


Caring guide:

Do not put wooden handle pans in oven or dishwasher.

1) Wash and dry your pan.

2) Rub thoroughly with oil, leaving no collected spots. Rub all over, inside and out until it isn't greasy.

3) Heat your pan. 

For wooden handle pans, place over steady medium heat. As steel will create hot and cold spots, carefully move the pan about to heat as evenly as possible. It will smoke. 20-30 mins.

4) Let the pan cool then repeat oil and heat steps 3 to 4 times.

5) The more you use your pan, the better the seasoning will be. Clean with warm water and never let your pan soak or sit in water. Always thoroughly dry before putting away.

See our full care instructions for information on how to take care of cast iron and steel pans.