Manufactured in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan from the finest iron. TAKUMI continues the tradition of metal production in the region, dating back approximately 300 years to remain the centre of cookware manufacturing in Japan. The perfect all rounder, everyday pan, suitable for family style cooking.  A beautiful round profile timber handle provides comfort and control.  


What is magma plate
  • Magma Plate is a technology developed to produce an irregular surface of concave and convex patterning on both sides of the pan. This enables the quick production and even distribution of heat, making TAKUMI pans much loved everyday kitchen essentials. 

    ・[IMPORTANT] To prevent rust, the surface is coated with a black oxide film, which is silicone.  Through normal use over time this coating will deteriorate and come off, please be assured that it does not affect the taste and is compliant with the Japanese Food Sanitation Law and is harmless to the human body.


  • How to season 
  • Seasoning is a protective layer applied to your pan, turning a very thin layer of oil or fat into a olymerized (almost plastic like) hardened surface, creating a barrier between the pan and your food. Seasoning protects your pan from corrosion and creates a non stick surface to cook on.


    1.Ensure your work area is well ventilated as the process of seasoning on a stovetop will generate smoke.

    2.Clean your cookware in hot soapy water to remove any foreign matter and dry thoroughly.

    3.Apply a thin layer of vegetable, canola or corn oil to the inside of the pan with paper towel. Then remove as much of the oil as possible with a clean paper towel.

    4.Apply pan to high heat source and move pan so as assist in an even distribution of heat. As pan begins to smoke and areas of the pan become dry apply thin layer of oil with paper towel (hold paper towel with tongs to avoid burning yourself). Continue this process for 15 minutes and let pan cool.

    5.The ongoing use of your pan from cooking will add to the strength and seasoning of your pan. A well seasoned pan will be darkened and slightly glossy in appearance, enjoy cooking.

  • After use
  • Please wash with warm water and sponge, CIBI recommends to avoid using harsh detergents as this can affect the seasoning of the pan.  Please do not soak into water. Dry well and apply a thin coat of oil. 


  • Things to be careful
    •    Iron pans can rust when exposed to water/moisture if your pan is not correctly seasoned and thoroughly dried. Does require seasoning prior to first use and minimal ongoing maintenance.
    • Wooden handle does not allow to be used in oven.