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Mount Zero Citrus Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

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Yuzu Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This limited-release olive oil is the result of an exciting collaboration with Mountain Yuzu, specialty citrus growers based in North-East Victoria. Whole yuzu fruit and olives are cold-pressed together resulting in an incredibly aromatic and unique flavoured oil. Particularly delicious paired with raw fish or ceviche, use to dress Japanese-style salads or as a fabulous twist in a olive oil cake recipe!

Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Mount Zero Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the Agrumato style of cold pressing whole lemons and olives together. This combines the fruity olive character with the zest of lemon for delectable results. Savour this limited-release oil with fish, grilled meats and vegetables.