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Japanese Tea - "Organic Hoji-cha"


Our CIBI organic Hoji-cha is from Nagasaki, Japan (Kyushu, in southern Japan)

-Organic Hoji-cha [100g]
Hoji is a roasted brown tea served in a pot. It is often described as “people’s tea” and generally drunk during or after the meal at home in Japan. The roasted flavours are extracted and predominate. This tea has a light- to reddish-brown appearance, its flavour is quite mild and refreshing, and has less caffeine than other Japanese teas.

“cha” means “tea” in Japanese.

【How to serve fragrant Japanese tea】
(the proper way to serve)
1) Boil water and adjust it to the proper temperature for each kind of tea
(Kuki-cha : 80-85degrees; Genmai-cha/Hoji-cha : 90-95degrees.)
2) Warm up the cups and pot before hand. (not necessary at CIBI)
3) Put an adequate amount of tealeaves and add just enough water to cover the leaves in the pot.
4) Steep for proper time (approx. 1-2 mins). Then serve.