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Sake - Shiragiku Tokubetsu Junmai 500ml


Our very first sake in store. Proudly made in Okayama where Meg's hometown is. Shiragiku Shuzou (Brewery) located in Bicchu-takahashi district where is an old Japanese town, has Matsuyama-castle originally built in 13th centry.

Especially where Shiragiku Shuzou is located, they are fortunate with the climate, where high quality rice is constantly available, they have clean fresh water from the mountain and the techniques essential for brewing their Sake by the Bicchu Toji "sake master".

We have brought a big "Taru" sake barrel, a very special junmai sake, it has a rich bouquet with a mild taste enabling its people to appreciate the full flavour of the rice with a well balanced sharpness.

Fresh sake from the tap!


We have visited Shiragiku Shuzo back in last year. Meg's dad always drink Shiragiku sake daily to special occasion. We are very proud to share our local brewery back in Japan to our locals in Melbourne. 

Especially during this tough time, hard to travel for a while, we hope you enjoy a taste of Japan and feel bit of Japan in you.


Made in Okayama, Japan

Vol. 500ml

Alcohol 15.5%, Standard drink: approx 5.29

Served at room temperature or chilled