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Shoda Hyakusen Marudaizu Shoyu Soy Sauce 500ml

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Shoda Hyakusen "Marudaizu Shoyu" is a naturally brewed soy sauce crafted using whole soybeans, offering a delicate aroma and a mild flavour.

Marudaizu soy sauce is traditionally brewed using whole soybeans while most soy sauce is brewed with chopped soy beans, this makes the process much longer. The extended fermentation period of whole beans yields a full-bodied aroma and a milder, more subtle taste, intensifying the umami flavour of the sauce. In comparison, Shoda shoyu, a Japanese-style soy sauce, is lighter and less salty than its Chinese counterpart, complementing the subtle sweetness and harmony of Japanese cooking.


Ingredients: Soybeans (not genetically modified), wheat, salt, alcohol

Product of Japan