Kyukyodo Incense Senko Mini

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Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

A sandalwood-based incense infused with a cherry blossom fragrance and a hint of musk.


Tefu Tefu (Butterfly)

Hints of white rose, musk and herbaceous overtones complements the sandalwood and activated charcoal base.


Chitose (Thousand Years)

An aromatic-woody incense that captures the essence of Rozan Sandalwood that emits a blend of floral and herbaceous fragrance.


Stick Length: 9 cm

Duration: 15-20 mins

Scents: Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Tefu Tefu (Butterfly), Chitose (A Thousand Years)

Made in Japan



Founded in Kyoto, Japan, Kyukyodo is one of Japan's oldest companies. Specialised in making high-quality incense, traditional Japanese paper goods and calligraphy supplies dating back to 1663. The doves nesting within its eaves is reference to the founder Kumagai Naozani's family crest of two opposing doves which is used in Kyukyodo's logo.