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CIBI BENTO  Fish or Vegetarian  $16.5
Nourishing lunch box with seasonal ingredients -
Today's fish, with vegetable dish, 2 kind of salad, pickles 
served with CIBI rice blend. *gf
*Vegan version can be available, please speak to our team.

Soba Salad  $16.5
Soba noodle, avocado, cherry tomato, lightly pan-fried 
Japanese bean curd, spring onion & green salad *vegan


Grandma's wholesome miso soup $5

Meg's grand-ma's miso soup always fills with lots of vegetables and after you eat your meal with this soup you feel so right

<Ready to eat meals from CIBI Grocery>
Chicken Confit 450g  $20 
CIBI's signature slow cooked chicken with green olives & herbs                            (2-3 serves ) *gf
Japanese curry 500g  $12.5
Home style Japanese curry (mild) with chick peas & vegetables.                          (2-3 serves) *veg
Some more items available via our online store,
House made Honey granola  $9
Croissant  $5
Sweet Muffin  $4.5
Savoury Muffin  $5.5
Pound cake - Green tea or Yuzu  $4.5
Chocolate Raspberry Gateau  $6
Baked Cheese Cake  $7
-Original Blend Coffee
  Bk    $4.2     Wh   $4.5
-Hot chocolate or Mocha   $4.5
(Soy, Decaf  +50c /Almond, Oat + $1)
-Organic Tea (Sencha / Genmai / Hoji )   $5
-Lemon Ginger Tea  or Fresh mint tea    $5
-House-made soda (yuzu lemonade / Elderflower&lime)   $6
-Lemon Myrtle kombucha   $6
Some of CIBI Groceries are available on online store!!
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