Sekisyu Kawara Exhibition 11 - 28 February 2021

In February, CIBI is excited to work with Sekisyu kawara from Shimane prefecture, south of Honshu island. Sekisyu kawara meaning “Sekisyu roof tile”, we are very excited to host an exhibition and facilitating an opportunity to engage with locals and Melbourne's creative community seeking possible future path ways to distribute the material. We hope you will enjoy an opportunity to learn about Sekisyu kawara in the heart of Melbourne. 

*open to public 9am-4pm

Sekisyu Kawara

At CIBI studio space at the back of our store, we will be displaying some Sekisyu kawara and various types of tiles for flooring, wall material and tableware. Also showing some video footage of it’s history, environment and manufacturing process.

For any appointment, please contact us

 Sekisyu Kawara shimane