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Akari Lamp Shade 50EN/70EN by Isamu Noguchi


CIBI selection Noguchi lamp shades - bring art and quality in light everyday!

As you turn it on, it instantly changes the mood of the space and during the day, it just quietly exists in the space with shadows and sunlight. The more you learn about how it was designed with the Japanese makers involved in making these shades, the more you fell in love with the design, history and culture.

Enjoy it everyday bringing art of light.

50EN W51cm x H26cm

70EN W70cm H32cm


“AKARI”is the name given to the illuminated, sculpted lantern style resulting from the merging of Isamu Noguchi and Gifu’s traditional craftwork in 1952.
The gentle light-dispersing quality of the Japanese paper and irregular engulfment of the bamboo framework serves not only as a source of illumination, but also to carve the light with every wrinkle. The absolute attention to quality material makes it clear that this is a traditional art of Japan. Moreover, the lightness of the AKARI lanterns speaks of the transient quality characteristic of Japanese craftsmanship since antiquity.
Isamu Noguchi’s products are recognized around the world as a prime example of an attempt to revive beautiful and uniquely Japanese crafts. Beginning with Noguchi being awarded first place in a Japanese Good Design Contest at the New York Museum of Modern Art, his products have become loved in homes and shops in several countries.