Allex Fine-Tip Angled Tweezers

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These tweezers are super fine and purpose-made for tasks that require extreme precision—featuring raised rubber grips for stability and comfort. The ultra-fine tip is narrow and angled, making it easy to pick up small or delicate items. These are ideal for crafting, jewellery, model kit, watch repair, and electronic devices. These are our go-to tweezers for picking up delicate herbs for plating a fine meal.

Size: 11.5cm x 1cm

Weight: 12g

Colour: Gold, Black

Materials: Stainless Steel and Rubber

Producer: Allex

Made in Seki, Gifu, Japan


Allex is a brand of scissors and other cutting tools produced by Hayashi Cutlery Co., Ltd. In 1974, their first year of manufacturing, they won the prestigious Good Design Award for their ergonomic shape and outstanding blade quality. Their classic design has remained unchanged and is now a familiar sight in offices all over Japan. 

Hayashi Cutlery Co

Hayashi Cutlery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of edged tools. It is located in Seki, Gifu, and is known for edged tool manufacturing. With more than 60 years of history, they have been developing various products such as home-use tools, office scissors, kitchen tools and medical equipment.