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Arita Porcelain Lab - Rice Bowl

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Arita Porcelain Lab is an over 200-year-old Japanese brand renowned for its intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their latest series, the Rice Bowl, is hand-crafted by the 7th generation artisan, Yazaemon, using traditional methods and natural materials for an exquisite and unique product.

Size: Ø120mm x 70mm

Material: Clay

Producer: Arita Porcelain

Made in Saga, Japan

Available: Microwave:○, Dishwasher: ○, Oven:X


Arita Porcelain Lab

Founded in 1804, “Arita Porcelain Lab” is the modern brand name of the Yazaemon Kiln, which was established over 200 years ago.
It is one of Arita’s oldest and largest-scale operating kilns.
Our luxury and modern style of Arita porcelain pieces are created​ ​one by one by handwork by skilled artisans,
taking advantage of the unique techniques inherited in the tradition of Yazaemon kiln, which evolved through countless trials.