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Bamboo Matcha Scoop (Cha-shaku)

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A Chashaku is a traditional Japanese tea scoop, used to gently measure small amounts of Matcha powder into a matcha bowl (Chawan). Commonly made from bamboo a Chashaku is narrow with a small curled end, and can scoop about half a teaspoon or around half a gram of Matcha. A quality Chashaku can complement the matcha experience as it also has a scent of young bamboo.

Pair with a Matcha Whisk (Chasen), Tea Whisk Stand (Chasen-tate)Matcha Bowl (Chawan) and quality Matcha powder to create a full Matcha experience.
Get all the essentials together - CIBI Matcha Time Set

Size: 18mm x 5mm

Weight: 4g

Material: Bamboo