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Kobo Aizawa Bamboo Scraper

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This small bamboo scraper is used to gather grated ginger, wasabi, garlic and to clean the grater. Its bamboo bristles are tough enough to remove food items off any grater but soft enough that it won't scratch the grater grooves/teeth.

Size 13.5cm

Material: Bamboo

Producer: Kobo Aizawa

Caring Guide:

Hand wash only
Use soft sponge and mild dish soap
Avoid soaking in water or using abrasive scrubbers
Dry completely before store it

Kobo Aizawa

Established in 1922 based in Tsubame in Niigata prefecture, Aizawa is known as the leading Japan manufacturer its’ quality stainless steel kitchenware. One of the iconic Aizawa matt black tableware collection was also hand picked as a selected permanent design collection under the Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMA) on 7th October 1986.